Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Bramley Apple Tree - First Year & We Have Fruit!

Bramley apple tree for the first year, cant believe its grown fruit. Took my other apple and pear three 3 years to grow fruit. Sorry for low light picture, was getting a bit dark tonight when I found these :)

Sweetcorn Progress

Wow after a few weeks my sweetcorn are growing well, despite the funny weather this summer.

Pumpkins 2013 Challenge

Pumpkins are doing really well at the allotment in a big pile of horse crap, Im determined to grow the biggest pumpkin on the allotment and if it does get really big then I might go in for the UK's competition, but a don't think it will.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Telepathy F1 cucumbers

Im new to the greenhouse club this year after wanting one for many years. Getting back to the cucumbers, I bought one packet of Telepathy F1 from Wilko for £1.60 and Im so impressed with the growth of these in my quadgrow system. The taste as expected is so much better than the shop bought ones and one plant seems to give you many cucumbers. I've found the skins go more tougher when left to go bigger, but I like them both. Harder skin gives a lovely crunch.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

First dahlia flower

First dahlia flower planted in pots this year, had a lot of bulbs die over winter and this one survived.

Red Lilies

Bought these last year and bought orange colour, first colour come up was a lovely red, then orange and now yellow. What the hell is going wrong? But very nice to see I must say.